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Perfect Presents for your Delightful Doggie Friend!

Do you get your furry friends a present for Christmas? (I do)!!

Stuck on ideas with just over 5 weeks to go?! I have got your back! Please keep reading to find my picks for the best of the best from Kiwi Canine and a special deal to say thank you!


First off, what doggie would not like a treat for Christmas? As humans, we always celebrate with lots of treats for ourselves so don't let your dog miss out! What about GourMate Xmas Crackers? Being a Christmas lover, this is something that appeals to me! Each cracker is filled with New Zealand-made natural dog treats and the bonus of a doggy joke! There are 2 flavour choices available (Beef or Hoki).

If you want a longer-lasting chew why not try Bull Pizzles? If you have seen me already for a 1-on-1, have a big breed dog, or one that likes to chew you may have already heard of them, as I recommend them often! These are dense chews that are long-lasting and excellent for your dog's teeth while being low in fat and high in protein. I have seen my own Labrador take 40 minutes to get through this one!

Another option is the Himalayan K9 Chew. This chew is handcrafted using a traditional cheese-making process, this hard cheese chew is a true dog's delight. A healthy snack with an irresistible taste. As a dog chews on this cheese stick, their saliva breaks down the chew and your dog gets to enjoy a tasty yet odour-free long-lasting treat! AND...... Even better as an extra treat for Christmas you could try and make doggy hokey-pokey! By popping the end bits in the microwave! Find out more here.

Still not sure? Or want some other ideas for treats? Check out the amazing range that Kiwi Canine has available here.

Dogs that like to chew!

If chew toys are what your dog is into, here are the top picks for them! An awesome present for the dog that destroys EVERYTHING is the GoughNuts range with the 9 months replacement guarantee. The range includes toys to chew, stuff, and tug! This is one I am looking forward to trying out!

Another favourite of mine is the Qwizl for versatility (use with treats, spreads, wet food, freeze or don't and use to hold chews). It also has a 90-day replacement guarantee which helps give you a little peace of mind.

Entertaining Enrichment!

Got lots of guests coming for Christmas? Sometimes having some good options to keep your dog busy is a great idea - a Christmas present and entertainer all in one!

Do you have a dog that LOVES to pull the stuffing out of soft toys? And you are tired of spending money on these only to have the stuffing pulled out of them moments later?! You need to try this toy - the Magic Destuffer. This unique, thick rubber ball comes filled with fleece strips. Your dog can de-stuff this toy again and again, and the stuffing 'magically' comes back (when you re-stuff it). Gone are the days of endless fluff from de-stuffed ducks all over the house!

What about the Snoop - if you haven't heard of this one your dog could be missing out! This interactive puzzle toy offers hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment for dogs of any size, keeps them engaged, and helps promote self-play. This is one I got for my dog a couple of years ago and sometimes I use it to give him his evening meal.

And of course, there are Snack Snakes! I love the name, and this is another of my personal favourites and one that I often recommend to my clients. The Snack Snake will keep your dog entertained while they work to lick the spreads, treats, meat, or kibble from the snake's belly. It also has a squeaker in the head for extra fun, even once the treats are gone.

Another good option if you haven't tried one already is a LickiMat! Kiwi Canine has a great range from Tuff which all have a rigid base, can go in the freezer, and are dishwasher safe. Got a LickiMat already, and would like to try another option? How about the UFO LickiMat An enrichment, anti-anxiety, slow feeder for sticking to flat surfaces such as windows, showers, and hard floors. The UFO features raised walls to keep food and saliva inside the bowl for mess-free slow-feeding and entertainment – and is perfect for use during bath time and grooming.

If you have a high-energy dog, that enjoys chasing, a Flirt Pole might be a great choice for mentally & physically stimulating your dog! This is a piece of exercise equipment for dogs that entices a dog to chase a fast-moving lure. Often used for training or simply to get a dog to exert a lot of energy in a small space. It is a great way to engage in a game with your dog, you'll both be sure to have a lot of fun with this one!

And if none of the above floats your boat.... How about some Recordable Buttons? These can create hours of enrichment and fun with your pet! You can learn how to teach your dog to talk with buttons! I am tempted to get some of these for my own dog's Christmas present (or maybe it is kind of for me)! LOL!

Using recordable dog training buttons is a fun way to increase the communication that you already have with your dog. It is also something that, with a little bit of practice, every dog can use to communicate basic things like wanting a walk or to play.

For the new dog owner, or apprentice trainer!

If you know someone that has a new pet or is interested in training their dog these gifts may just be what you are looking for! How about a long line ideal for practicing recall, or in large open areas where your dog can explore safely? A long line allows your dog to make good choices whilst being safe and gives you the chance to relax and reinforce all the good stuff.

If you want multiple options, try the Multi-Functional Double-Ended Lead. This 2-meter Training Lead can be used at different lengths as well as to tether the dog next to you at a café or around your waist as a hands-free walking/training leash. It is so versatile! I would have to say this is one of my favourite types of lead!

And what does every pet owner or trainer love - a good treat bag! Why is this one so good?! It's solid, lightweight, wind and water-resistant, durable, and made of hard-wearing nylon canvas. Has Cool & Durable Pockets - Spacious with 3 separate pockets. Has a zipper in front for keys, poo bags, and phone! The zip pull allows for quick and easy opening and closing, even when wearing gloves.

And if you are still stuck for an idea for the dog lover in your life what about a book? This book will help take your relationship with your dog to a level! Dogs are peacemakers with inbred knowledge of how to defuse and calm situations with humans and other dogs. They use calming signals to avoid conflict, invite play, and communicate a wide range of information to other dogs - and also humans. This book offers a visual glimpse of what they are like with pictures of the dogs in each accordant motion. I own a copy of this book and definitely think it is one every dedicated owner would benefit from.

You will have noticed the links I have placed throughout this blog so you can directly go to the Kiwi Canine site, as a thank you for reading (and also being one of my clients). Use the discount code 4HAPPYPAWS at the online checkout area to receive a 10% discount.

If you are thinking about trying anything mentioned here, or decide to give one of these products a go please let everyone know by leaving a comment below! I look forward to hearing about how it goes!

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