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One-On-One Consults

Training in your own home

I will come to your home, clarify any questions I may have to define your training goals and observe your dog. From here you will be given some immediate management strategies and training homework to get started with. After meeting with you I will either email you outlining in bullet points the things I want you to concentrate on. This will include relevant handouts. If you choose the option with a report, I will compile all the information with recommendations. This option may suit if other members of the household are not at the initial consult. 

In most cases this first consult will be followed with subsequent visits, and there will be homework for you to be working on in-between times.

One-On-One Consults

Step 1 - Initial Consult with report $120

               Without report $60

Step 2 - Follow up Consults $60

Note: Consult cost of $60 is per hour, consults that are longer than an hour may acquire added cost.

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Pre Paid Consult Packages

Save money by booking ahead

After your initial one-on-one consult, you may decide that you would like to commit to your training program by booking further consults.

Consults are able to be pre-brought to save you money in the long run and help you and your dog get the best out of frequent training sessions to make a lasting impact.

3 x One-on-one training sessions $150

4 x One-on-one training sessions $200

Note: Pre-booked sessions must be completed 4 months after first purchased.

Consult costs of $50 per hour for pre-booked sessions, that are longer than an hour may acquire added costs.

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Puppy Plan

3 x Training Sessions for Your Puppy

These 3 sessions over 3 -4 weeks are designed for those that have missed puppy preschool classes. They are catered to what you need to learn, and provide a great foundation to work from. The programme will cover basic cues (name recognition, sit, down, stay, go to mat, look as well as topics on toilet training, jumping up, mouthing and chewing).

One-On-One Puppy Plan

(Puppies ages 12-18 weeks) $150

Note; Sessions must be completed 6 weeks from start date.

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Online Senior Puppy Classes

Train at home with great success 

For your convenience I am also able to provide senior puppy classes online. For many puppies online classes can work better, especially if you have a puppy that is timid OR a puppy that is very excitable. Sometimes having these kinds of puppies in a class environment can be too overwhelming for them. Teaching from your own home can help promote calm and focused results. 


It is true that socialisation is an important part of puppy development. But it has to be done the correct way.  Doing online classes won't mean you will miss out! Instead you will be guided through the socialisation process. You will find some more information about puppy socialisation relating to a class environment here and why it isn't suitable for all puppies.

Online classes have the bonus of being recorded so you can refer back and hour long sessions are split into 2 x 30 minute sessions twice a week to help fit in with your busy schedule. You also have access to a private group on the website where you can post videos of your progress, share photos and chat with other members of the class, and find support when you need it.  Even better you can download an app on your phone to help you access these resources easily.

Online Senior Puppy Class (up to 20 weeks)

6 weeks - $150

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Training Walks

Perfecting Loose Lead Walking

Loose lead walking is often a challenge to get right, and when walking your dog is a struggle it is often left off your to-do list. Let me help you to train your dog to walk on a loose lead so that you can both enjoy going for walks together.

This practical training will start first in your home to get the techniques right, and end with a field trip out in the real world. 

Time and results may vary depending on your dog, and the commitment you put in to training. But I promise you it will be worth it in the end!

3 x Training Walks $150

4 x Training Walks $200

Note: Pre booked training walks must be completed 4 months after first purchased.

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Taking the dog for a walk

Scent Work  Classes

Give this fun & engaging dog sport a go!

Scent Work is based on the task of working detection dogs,  It is a positive, challenging activity that allows dogs to use their strongest natural sense in a way that is fun and engaging. Because it is an exercise that requires the dog to locate an odour and communicate this to the handler, it also establishes a building of trust between dog and handler. Classes run for 6 weeks starting with scent imprinting of DNZ approved Essential Oil. This activity is suitable for dogs over 6 months old.

Lisa is a registered Scent Work Instructor for Dogs NZ.

6 week program $70

Note: Handlers need to be over 16 years old.

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A happy view of a golden retriever's fac

Rocket Recall Workshop

Build a reliable recall even in the face of distraction.

You’re probably reading this because your dog needs to learn to come when called or because the dog who wouldn’t leave your heels as a puppy now has selective hearing!! Or maybe you have the dog that hears “come” at the dog park and immediately runs in the other direction. Or perhaps your charming Fido turns his brain off in the presence of birds or rabbits!

If you sometimes feel worried that your dog won’t come when you really need him to, This workshop is the foundation to help put that worry to rest.

This is a 60 minute stand alone workshop which focuses on building a reliable recall that you will be able to use in real life situations. 

1 hour Rocket Recall Workshop $35

Suitable for dogs 6 months and over.

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Happy Dog

Rapid Recall Classes

Review the rules of recall and stay, focus on plenty of practice.

You've had a little practice with recall, and maybe you have attended a workshop.

BUT you and your dog still need some extra practice and you've decided your dog’s recall is something you need to spend some practical time on. Perhaps your adult doggo simply “forgets” to come when she’s occupied. Or recall is just one of those behaviours that never really took hold. The class environment can be a challenging place for dogs, So it’s a great place to practice getting control of our dogs in the face of distractions—a critical piece of a strong recall.                                                       

This is three 60 minute -session class consisting of two classroom sessions and a fieldtrip or outside practice session.

3 x Rapid Recall sessions - $80

This class is not appropriate for reactive dogs or dogs with aggression issues, as there will be quite a bit of movement as well as off-leash activity.

Suitable for dogs 6 months and over. 

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Getting Control of Your
Outta Control Pooch

Work on reliable behaviour to use for building impulse control in the face of various real-life distractions.

Do you feel generally a little out of control, of your dog? Or out of control in certain situations. Perhaps you have a social butterfly that loves to say hello but does it by jumping on everyone she meets. Or maybe you have an enthusiastic door dasher. Maybe your dog has trouble remembering what the word “Sit” means. Or perhaps it just feels like everything in the world catches her attention more easily than you can!

In short, if you sometimes feel like you live with a four-legged teenager that acts first and thinks later, Good news: These behaviours are annoying and difficult to deal with, but they generally mean you’ve got a dog that can’t wait to be trained! Smart dogs with lots of energy can do great things when that energy is redirected.

1 hour 'Getting Control of Your Outta Control Pooch Workshop' - $35

Suitable for dogs 6 months and over. 

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Walkabout - Master Loose Lead Walking Class

Focus on loose lead walking with distractions and end the class with a field trip to put what you have learned in to practice!

This class is for you if  taking a walk with your dog is less than enjoyable. Let's work together and change that! We’re going to focus on teaching our dogs to walk nicely, But first we need to set them—and you—up for success in the classroom. 

The focus of this class is polite walking on leash, particularly in the presence of distractions. We will practice with various distractions to give you more control when walking your dog in your neighbourhood or around town. This class consists of a series of 3 sessions, one hour each in length, and a fieldtrip as a 4th session.

4 x Walkabout - Master Loose Lead Walking Class  Sessions - $100

Suitable for dogs 6 months and over. 

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About town - Loose Lead Walking Class

This class is a field trip based class, and is the perfect next step after attending the walkabout loose lead class.

This fieldtrip-based class consists of a series of 4 lessons, one hour each in length. The first class is a “prequel,”  taught in a classroom setting. The prequel warms up behaviours and concepts that will be used on the fieldtrips.

The field trips will consist of going for walks along streets, going to a pet store/vet clinic and a visit to a dog friendly park. 

This is a fun class! One that will also teach you how to respond when there is a distraction to help set your dog up for success.

4 x About Town Loose Lead Walking Class  Sessions - $100

Suitable for dogs 6 months and over. 

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